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What is sellhairstore.com?
It is a worldwide human hair selling website. Individuals wishing to change their look, from a long haircut to short one, can sell cut hair – if it is long enough.

Why is sellhairstore.com the best place to sell my hair?
This is because our website is the first and only natural hair selling website in the world, and therefore buyers worldwide can make offers on your hair. You can sell it for the best possible price in the international market.
Listing your ad on our website guarantees you reach a much broader spectrum of buyers who can assess your hair at its fairest value, which is much better than posting announcements in forums or other general announcement websites.
Listing an ad is simple and fast; just log in and fill out the selling form. Our heading, Seller Guide will help you in your sales process.

How do I submit my ad?
Log in to your personal account, and then carefully fill out the hair selling form. You can change your ad at any time.
Make sure that your uploaded hair pictures are expressive and that they reflect the true quality of the hair.

How can I respond to a potential buyer that contacted me through the website?
To respond to a buyer, simply click on the button ‘respond’ in the email you received.
Please note that for your own safety, you should never give your address or telephone number to anyone.

Why sell my hair in sellhairstore.com?
– Natural hair is the main material for hundreds of wig makers, hairpieces makers and hair artists that visit our site daily, and since it is scarcity that creates value, prices reach thousands of dollars.
– The short cut, mid long and shoulder length are the present hairdressing trend, and this is why many women choose them, especially if they have very long hair that requires a lot of care and attention.
– Cut off long hair lets women show their neck, which is, for men (according to sexology specialists), one of the most attractive parts of a woman’s body.

Please note, by selling your hair – apart from aesthetic and financial reasons – you do an invaluable favor to other people who need it. Indeed, natural hair is used in manufacturing aesthetic and medical wigs, hairpieces and extensions for people suffering from alopecia.
Your hair will have a second life with a person who truly needs it.

How do I prevent misunderstandings?
(1) Always contact human hair vendors through our website.
(2) Never give your address or phone number to your vendors to communicate with you outside the website.
(3) Always use PayPal for payment. If you don’t have a PayPal account please create one here: https://www.paypal.com
(1) Never place an ad if you don’t intend to sell your hair.
(2) Don’t post false ads.
(3) Never give false information about your hair.
(4) Never give your address, phone number, or specific place of residence to potential buyers to contact you outside the website.
(5) Always use PayPal for payment. If you don’t have a PayPal account please create one here https://www.paypal.com

You haven’t answered my question?
Please contact us ! It is our pleasure to help you.


Sell Your Hair Now

Sell Your Hair Now


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